Friday, September 9, 2011

Editing Summer Photos

I edited this photo of my son and husband at the beach using PhotoShop Elements.

morro bay 2011 1

Step-by-Step process:

1. Open photo into your editor
2. Adjust levels
3. Re-size if needed
4. Reduce the hue & saturation to give it a vintage feel
5. Select a texture brush to add small dots around the edge of the photo. Make sure adjust the scatter 13%, hue jitter 15% and scatter 57%
6. Make sure your foreground and background color are complimentary to your photo. I used white in the foreground and navy blue for the background
7. Add a new layer for the brush effect. Drag your brush along the edge of the photo to create a brush "frame" or texture
8. I used an overlay from for the vintage effect edge.
9. I used the typeset letters also found at the above website
10. Add text using the T tool. Remember to add names and dates to think you won't forget, but you will.

Want to learn more about creative photo editing?

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